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MyProject: a software tool for vetting project viability

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MyProject mining example Do you wish to replicate tables from Wayne Mayo's 2013 book, Taxing Resource Rent?
Is your investment project financially
What impact does taxation have on your project's viability?
What are tax revenue effects of changing tax treatment?

MyProject® helps determine the financial viability of investment projects by analysing their cash flows. The package allows:

MyProject is primarily designed to determine the internal rate of return and net present value (NPV) of investment projects and provide associated cash flow details over the lives of the projects. MyProject also provides year-by-year snapshots of each project showing profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow and tax statements.

The user gets a feel for the financial viability of projects by comparing their returns to the returns available from financial markets, either before or after tax and royalties. An understanding of the effect of tax and royalties is obtained by comparing the return and NPV of projects before and after taxes and royalties.

By entering sector-wide or economy-wide data as project data and changing tax treatment over the duration of the 'project', MyProject may be used to simulate sector- or economy-wide tax revenue effects of changes in tax treatment.

MyProject is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic.Net®. The package incorporates a quick start guide and an electronic User's Guide:

It also includes a theoretical paper on non-distortive income tax treatment of investments, numerical illustrations from which are reflected in some of the sample projects included with My Project.

To get an idea of the ease of use of MyProject and its results see sequence of use of MyProject with the hypothetical mining/petroleum industry project included with MyProject.

Replication of tables in Taxing Resource Rent

MyProject 2.0 is a significant upgrade of MyProject 1.0, containing a broader suite of options relating to the application of resource rent taxation to mining operations.

These extended options correspond to analyses included in Wayne Mayo's book Taxing Resource Rent: concepts, misconceptions and practical design, enabling users of MyProject 2.0 to replicate the tables in that book. MyProject 2.0 facilitates that replication by providing stored examples and accompanying guides dealing with issues like the following relating to cash flow royalties (the links in the associated guides are not active):

(a) delayed full loss offset - see stored example's final output in sequence in associated guide;
(b) interaction with income taxation - see stored example's final output in associated guide sequence;
(c) alternative treatment of state royalties - see penultimate output in associated guide sequence;
(d) taxing point upstream of pricing point - see initial output in associated guide sequence; and
(e) application to existing projects - see penultimate output in associated guide sequence.


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